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About HTR Designs

Located in Castlegar in the heart of the Southern British Columbia mountain ranges, HTR is at the prime location for the mountain sleddding sport and Industry. In the year 2007 our growing sign shop needed to find more ways to survive the long deep winters, and With a background in sledding from the age of 6 I naturally started incorporating our designs on sleds. Almost a decade later we continually aim for superior products, designs and templates. We have grown since the 2008 ski-doo hood sledskin (25 pieces) to the Gen4 & Axys sledskins (140+ pieces) We are proud to use an air release 6mil vinyl with a 7mil protective over laminate to withstand the abuse and punishment that sleds take on a daily basis, just ask our team of backcountry/moutain riders consisting of some of the industries top talent.

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