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  • On stock sledskins we ship within 2 weeks of purchase, custom designs vary depending on the time of year and finalization.
  • Our standard shipping is via Canada Post, they are reliable & affordable. In the Event of a hold-up (Very rare) a claim may be started to help quicken the process in getting your orders back on track and to your doorstep or local post office.
  • Once your order is in transit it is now your (the customers) responsibility to track and receive your order. You will be provided with a tracking Number via email.
  • Every order is insured to cover $100.00CDN Customers can increase the coverage at the cost of $2.25CDN per additional $100.00CDN coverage, but must do so with an HTR representative.

Wrong Item Received

  • Carefully remove product from tube and inspect thoroughly. Ensure that you have received the correct product and that all the correct parts/pieces have been received.
  • In the event of a problem with your product, contact an HTR representative via telephone or email immediately. Photos of received items will be required to continue with resolving a problem.
  • HTR Designs will NOT accept any returns if parts/pieces have been removed or cut from backing (custom orders cannot be returned under any circumstances)
  • To receive correct order, parts/pieces the customer must provide HTR Designs with proof of return shipment (collect to HTR Designs) this ensures that HTR will be able to inspect the order to verify the problem and to aid with quality control to better help our customers. Without proof of return shipment HTR Designs will not send out new parts/pieces.
  • Another good effective way to customize your sledskin is to color change something currently available and/or add logos of your own, or choose from a wide selection of the more popular brands. We also have levels of dealer pricing available if you think you can help us move our brand. Put a sledskin with your dealer logo on one of your demos and let the wrap do the talking.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What product does HTR Designs use for their wraps?
A. At HTR we use combination of a 6mil high tac base layer with a 7 mil high gloss laminate. Combined they offer excellent adhesion, a bright vibrant look, a thick durable product resistant to extreme elements and temperatures, as well as protection for your sled. With the correct installation techniques it allows for clean application even on some of the more complex areas and curves. We also have 12 mil laminates for moto applications and for an additional charge we can add matte laminate to the wrap of your choice. All of our products are built as there ordered and MADE IN CANADA right here in at HTR Designs. Contact us for more info on our product(s).

Q. I live overseas... can I still order a wrap?
A. Yes we ship Canada Post and offer shipping within Canada, USA, and worldwide. We have a standard and express rate for each of these areas. Some shipping prices are subject to change and may vary based on weight and region.

Q. Can I install a wrap myself.
A. We recommend taking your wrap to someone with experience but with some time and effort you can do your wrap at home. Most of our customers install they're wraps themselves. With the help of our installation instructions (link to downloadable instructions) and you tube install videos(link) we receive photos of finished sleds and bikes daily from our happy customers. Make sure you have all the removal, cleaning and application products necessary(link to installation kits) to install the wrap, grab a buddy and watch your sled transform before your eyes! Don't forget to send us some finished pics of your beast!!

Q. Will your wraps work on short track sleds?
A. HTR Designs is surrounded by beautiful mountains and in the winter its steep and deep. Most of our templates are based on mountain sleds so tunnel wraps and accessories were designed to fit 174, 163 and 162" track sleds but can be cut back to fit shorter length tunnels. There are some variations in fit between long and short track sleds. Please check your snowmobile, bike or side by side carefully to ensure you are purchasing the right wrap for your machine. If you are unsure or have any questions as to whether our wraps will fit your machine please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. How should I pick the right wrap for me and my machine?
A. At HTR Designs we pride ourselves in having a wide range of styles and colors to ensure there is a wrap for everyone. From Reapers and Clowns to patterns and abstract styles we try to be as diverse as possible. Remember to take hood and tunnel colors into consideration as our wraps have excellent coverage but certain areas and seams between panels are exposed. Incorporating the stock hood color in the wrap is essential to a good flow and an amazing finished product.

Q. I found a wrap I like but would like to change the color(s)?
A. Sure! Contact us to let us know your changes and colors. Some wraps color change easier than others and may be subject to different pricing and availability. Worth the call, you may just help us create our next bad a*$ wrap!!

Q. I seen a wrap I liked on a different template. Can we put it in the template of my choice?
A. In some cases we will swap templates free of charge. Contact us to let us know what you which color or template you would like switched or and we will let you know what it will take to pull it off! This is a great way to get your wrap "a little" customized!

Q. I'm a little picky and want to be one of a kind... can you make me something custom?
A. Yes we can make you a custom wrap!! All custom orders are done via email and phone and are subject to a non-refundable deposit to get the ball rolling! Depending on the style and design on a custom wrap they do take more time to create and get out the door so don't expect it the next day. We can also add company logos, sponsor logos, race numbers and names to perfect your dream wrap! If we like what you've helped us create and you don't mind sharing, your custom wrap may be discounted for allowing us to sell it on the site! We might even let you name it!

Q. I took out some trees and damaged my sled can I get some replacement pieces?
A. Whether it hit the trees or got screwed up on an install, we have your replacement pieces when you need them! We offer reasonable prices on replacement decals as well as order diagrams to ensure you're getting everything you need(link to diagrams). Due to fading, changes in products, inks or vinyl we cannot guarantee the color of your replacement pieces will match your wrap exactly. Please let us know if perfect color matching is a concern. Replacement pieces generally have a quick turnaround as we know you want to get your beast roaring again!

Q. Are there discounts for dealers that would like to sell your product or for high-volume orders?
A. We do have discounts for dealers race teams and high volume orders, please call or email for application or more info.

Q. How do I get sponsored?
A. HTR Designs has several levels of sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us and tell us why you are a perfect candidate to help us promote our product! Photos, video and a list of industry achievements would be appreciated...

Q. Can I cancel an order or return a wrap?
A. See our return policy for answer.